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If there is one thing I’ve learned in life this far it would be this simple fact, that life is forever changing no matter what you do. Change is your friend if it’s positive but if the change is negative than it can become your enemy. The thing I want to share with you in this particular blog is that no matter if it’s positive or negative all changes in life can work for your good if you handle it the right way. So consider a couple of things as you walk through different changes, first know that you have the ability and where with all to walk through whatever is now present before you. That no matter what you will overcome things that you have no understanding or relationship with.  It is important to know that when change takes place although you may be leaving some things behind you are also going to gain some things ahead at the same time.  A lot of us walk through change thinking that we are losing something like a relationship, a home, a car, a job, or your children, when in essence you may be freeing yourself to gain a mutually loving relationship out of that bad relationship. As we all have learned, “when you let go of something eventually something will come along to replace it.”  There are all types of things you will discover when you look at change not as a loss but as a gain. You are not losing but you are gaining.

Secondly when dealing with change you have to get into the “all things are possible” mode. Sometimes as we go through a seasons of change we make the mistake of looking at too many things as we are walking through. Sometimes we are talking to too many people and broadening our thinking pattern a bit too far. Transition is the one time that you should not broaden your thought pattern, you should be zooming in. You are going to have to trust the process that you are going through. Zooming in and focusing on the process will help you develop staying power. Transition is teaching you something that you need to know for the next step or phase that you will enter into. As you enter into that phase whatever that situation or task at hand may be, you will complete it successfully if you have paid attention to the original process. Paying attention during transition helps you develop the power, knowledge and understanding that allow you to walk through the situation without having to repeat it again and again.

Finally as you walk through changes in your life continue to have a time of spiritual enlightenment and enrichment. Praying about what needs to happen for your life, what is being said about your life and where you are going is extremely important. Prayer will give you the spiritual strength and sensitivity needed to determine what and where your next level is located and sometimes it will allow you to become sensitive enough to see what is not yet evident. Also getting into the word will also give knowledge and information about the situation as well as about how you should think about the situation. Remember your feelings although not real can seem very real so if you don’t have a strong spiritual guidance you can be lead by so many mixed emotions that will leave you in the dark. Welcome each season of change with open arms and know that seasons must change in order for there to be growth.

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