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Miley Miley Miley..we know  you have grown up. But really? Really?  Did you have to dance like that with a married man? The act included giant teddy bears, wild twerking, some latex underwear and lots of tongue. She also took some time to grind on Thicke (who is a 36-year-old husband and father) and pretend to lick his chest, before running off with her foam finger. Can we just talk a bout the fact that ou last tweet of the night was this:

Billy Ray come get your child.

Taylor Swift, with the 22 singer this year’s being apparently caught saying ‘shut the f*** up’ during ex-boyfriend Harry Styles and co’s speech. Miss Swift Mediantrainig 101, do not swear if you know the camera is going to pan.

Scott and Andrea Swift Come get your daughter!

MTV’s Video Music Awards  was actually a celebration of the art form of the video.

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