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Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell is stepping out on her own. She has always been an independent soul in both music and fashion. This year she will be stepping out with a solo album called ‘Help’. It will will street on  March 25, 2014.

As we have seen from the first two songs  released, she is laying it all on the line and out there.

On the first single, :A Little More Jesus” you hear Erica, the church going woman, taking your to prayer time:

I got too mad and I said to much/ Went too far and I almost cussed/ No my mama didn’t raise me that way/ Lord I need a little help today

Watch Erica take you to church performing the song live during the 2014 Stellar Awards: Stellar Awards ‘Ladies First’ Performance [VIDEO]

On the second single “Help” you  hear the world wife, mother and sister recognizing and sharing the pain of life.

I prayed every prayer/Went to Every service like I knew how/ Lord I Need your help

Check out the beautifully shot new musicvideo featuring her daughter Krista and rap extraordinaire Lecrae: Erica Campbell ‘Help’ [WORLD PREMIERE]

Take a look at the track listing of the new album:

1. The Question

2. You Are

3. A Little More Jesus

4. Help

5. I’m A Fan

6. The Atkins House

7. Eddie

8. Looking Like

9. POG

10. More Than A Lover

11. Nobody Else

12. All I Need Is You

13. Changes

Her fashion sense has always been edgy and cutting edge as well take a look at the below photos that I have  been rarely seen.

Erica Campbell The Fashion Star
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Don’t forget  Mary Mary will be back for Season 3 of their highly rated, much talked about show. This season is going to be INTENSE.

Check it out: Mary Mary Season 3 Changes The Game [VIDEO]

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