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Self Respect is an essential part of being a mature adult. It is more than just the fact that you can feed, shelter and clothe yourself. We look at the increased sexuality, perversity and depravity and begin to wonder where that is in our every day.  It is not just the children who are being sold short by our world. We as adults have changed the perspective on the value of our body. We place it on display for everyone and wonder why people criticize, weight, hair, looks and type.

Whether it is a prostitute standing on the corner, or a good friend that sleeps around, the lack of respect these men and women have for themselves is very visible. There whole worth has been torn away from them. Sure there are dozens of actions that could have gotten them on that road. Drug abuse, desperation, and mental health issues are just a few reasons for promiscuity. How did we get on this road? In many cases I discovered they were never taught that it was wrong, to be treated as an object. Men treating women with disrespect, it is proof of the fact that somebody wants them and makes them feel loved. How many times have we heard the sad story of a woman choosing to keep a boyfriend or husband over their children? Many women are not taught as children s that it is wrong to abuse their bodies or give away something that is supposed to be so sacred. The word sacred is almost never used when it comes to sexuality anymore.

Men have a whole different batch of issues to handle in today’s society. Some think of women as sex objects, something to use. A good male friend of mine once told me that when he walks into a bar he can tell which woman he is going to leave with. He can spot the needy ones. Men know these women “need” them, so they think they can get away with playing with their heads and their hearts. Women are under the false impression that if a man wants to sleep with her he must love her. When in reality, there are many men are really in it for self gratification. They will tell a girl whatever she wants to hear, until she falls into the “trap” and gives herself to him. Then he dumps her. You would think the girl would learn after being dumped, but she doesn’t, she just looks to be loved by someone else.

Our children have very little respect for themselves because they really don’t know any better. The pattern of use and dismiss becomes visible. The divorce rates in this country are more than 50%. Why? People do not think about the fact that marriage is sacred. It is meant to be a bond taken seriously.They are just following the pattern that women and men have been following in recent  generations.

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