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The natural hair explosion seems to be taking over certain parts of the United States.  African American women everywhere are getting away from the relaxers and some are even letting go of their weaves.  They are owning and wearing their hair in its natural state and embracing their coiled coifs and natural roots.

Just turn on any television and you will see Black women and girls in various TV commercials as well as mainstream television shows in all of their natural glory donning, “wash n go’s” “twist outs” and “braids/twists”, etc.  Many women have very understanding husband’s who respect and support their decisions to go natural.  But not all women have this support.

That’s why I was happy to run across a post on this very subject by Dr. Corey Guyton on his blog The Genuine Scholar.  In his post, “The Reasons I Did Not Want My Wife To Be Natural“, he digs deep to examine why he was initially against his wife wearing her hair natural.

Read and watch the video here.

Here is some of what  you guys have been saying on social media:

IgotaMan said:

Guys in general, at least in my experience, seem to have a bias toward long hair on women period, no matter what race. My husband is one of them – he looooooves it when I let my hair get long, but my hair drives me batpoop crazy and doesn’t style well when it’s long, so I prefer it shorter. While he likes the long hair, again, it’s “Your hair, your choice.”

My hair is also wavy/curly. It seems to me that guys do prefer when I blow it out, but I get the most compliments from other women when I leave it curly. Weird.

Nisha said:

I’ve only received compliments from certain types of Black men. These men are usually older or the artistic Afro-Bohemian types. One man even told a friend that he would date me if I would chemically straigthen my hair. What an ass! I’m happy to be nappy. My hair is much healthier and longer than it’s ever been since childhood.

AE said:

I’m a Latina with naturally curly and frizzy hair. Men look at me different when I wear my hair straight. The stigma goes beyond straight versus natural but also long versus short. The majority of men gravitate to women with long straight hair. Sad that they don’t take the time to take a closer look a women who defy the norm. I wear my hair natural in the summer months and love it. it’s easy to take care of and I can go outside with it wet. Wish I could do it all year round.

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