Joshuia Drumm sang ” Send Love”  by Stevie Wonder

      • Cece:  “Stevie Wonder is  hard act to follow. This wasn’t my favorite performance from you, but it was smooth.”

      • Donnie: “Smooth.”
      • Yolanda: “You deliver a great Joshuia performance..”

Tasha Page sang “Alabaster Box” Cece Winans

  • Cece:  “I am convinced you could do anything.”

  • Donnie “In the gospel world people don’t know how to pull back.You  do it and it shows your versatility.”

  • Yolanda: “ I wish you could get to do another verse.”

Paula Champion sang “In Your Will”  by Men of Standard

  • Cece: Your vocals are rich.You did excellent.”

  • Donnie: ” I wish that your mentor could have been on stage to challenge you.”

  • Yolanda:“ I applaud you for sticking with you.”

Tyler Little sang  “He Has His Hands On You”

  • Cece:  “You allowed the song to intimidate you.”

  • Donnie:  “You didn’t dominate the song.”

  • Yolanda: “You could have done more with it.”

 Cece  admitted that elimination is hard. Donnie agreed that he wished everyone could stay.

David Michael and  Joshuia Drumm were eliminated. Only  six continued on.

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