Shaw said he recently signed a production deal with a prominent Los Angeles agency for a reality show. Any money he does make on the show will be garnished to pay for his children.

Perhaps a reality show is a way for Shaw to generate money to pay child support, but we can only imagine that America will witness the worst kind of baby-mama-drama, arguments, charges and counter charges and 22 children who are growing without a father who is engaged in their lives.

A reality television show would only exploit Shaw’s irresponsible behavior and put the women and his children in the national spotlight. Even if Shaw would like to be part of his children’s upbringing, does he really have the time or the energy?

“I’m a devoted father to all of my children,” Shaw said. “I’m not a deadbeat. I’ve never been a deadbeat.” Shaw said there were too many fathers who were not involved in their children’s lives.

“Out of all of my children, all of their mothers can find me – or if they can’t find me, I’ll find them. I don’t play about with those children,” he said.

And there’s another baby on the way: his 16-year-old daughter is pregnant.

“I have babies for her,” Shaw said. “If she wanted a baby, daddy has plenty for us.”

Juvenile court Magistrate Scott Rosenberg handled the Shaw case and said the interest in Shaw’s case was not surprising.

“Some of these things were so shocking that people had never heard before and didn’t realize these situations exist,” said Rosenberg. Many people have wondered why Rosenberg couldn’t just order Shaw to have a vasectomy.

“People have the right to have children and there’s no constitutional limit on the right to procreate,” said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg is correct from a legal standpoint, but Shaw should have exercised some old-fashioned common sense and listened to his mother.

Will you watch Shaw’s reality show? What do you think?

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