Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta starlet Rasheeda to talk about her new make-up line and the status of her tumultuous relationship with her husband Kirk.

Last night we watched our timeline just light up, while Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was on. The biggest issue  at hand has been the Kirk and Rasheeda story this season. For those of you who don’t watch, Rasheeda and Kirk are a married couple having “grown folks issues”. From the Kirk side, you can see that he may be having a touch of the seven year itch. Rasheeda is feeling under-supported. Mix a dash of hip hop in. Throw a little Benzino and alcohol to the concoction and  you have instant mess.

Kirk Frost doesn’t think that cheating on his wife and telling her to get an abortion was all that bad, but he swears he won’t do it again.

When Bossip asked Kirk why he decied to “dog” Rasheeda this season on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” he immediately took offense. “I didn’t dog her, I had to get a point across,” Kirk said.

Falling back on his defense that no one is perfect, Kirk couldn’t confirm that he and Rasheeda are getting a divorce. If their history is any indication, there’s a good chance that they may stay together because Kirk hinted that this might not be their first brush with marital infidelity. “We’ve been through similar things like that in the past before we even got to this point,” Kirk stated

Read the rest of his reasoning here.

Watch Rasheeda’s answer to whether she is headed to divorce:

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