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The show kicked off with Donnie McClurkin debuting  his new song , “I Am Amazed”. This season’s  theme of Sunday Best is  “United By Faith“.

The first up to compete was

Alexis Hollins sang Cece Winans- “Pray”

  • Cece: “I thought you did a great job. Awesome.”
  • Donnie: “I couldn’t pay attention. You sang it very hard. You should have pulled back.
  • Yolanda: “The energy was phenomenal”

Second up was Tyler Little dedicating Ernest Pugh’s – “I Need Your Glory” to the memory of his grandmother.

  • Cece: Calm, cool and collective is what you are. Pure perfection.
  • Donnie: Your whole presentation was great. You really have something unique
  • Yolanda: To take the styling of Ernest Pugh was great.

Third was Temika McClellan  singing “I Am Encouraged”- Donald Lawrence

  • Cece:  Powerful but pitchy.
  • Donnie: Be cautious of your notes.
  • Yolanda: Great selection. Make sure you are on top of your notes.

Fourth was Quan Howell who sang was “All I Need”- Brian Courtney Wilson

  • Cece:  I thought it was solid all the way through.
  • Donnie: I loved your approach.
  • Yolanda: Ditto and you gave  us a few surprises.

Fifth was Paula Champion singing “Can You Reach My Friend”- Helen Baylor

  • Cece: You just  have to make sure that’s you.
  • Donnie: I couldn’t hear you bottom notes, but once you got n there it was great.
  • Yolanda: I like the texture of your voice.

Sixth  in line was David Michael  chose to  sing “Praise Is What I Do”- William Murphy

  • Cece: You have to be a little more convincing.
  • Donnie: It was great and were able to hear your versatility.
  • Yolanda: Great voice.

Seventh up was Linda Bell singing  the “Holy Ghost”- Milton Brunson

  • Cece: Exciting to watch.
  • Donnie: It was fun to watch but, there were no vocals.
  • Yolanda: You have made Houston proud.

Eighth  to perform was Kristin Lowe chose “That Name”-Yolanda Adams

  • Cece: Very clear that you have a good voice,but you have to know how to use it.
  • Donnie: Never give up.
  • Yolanda: I like what you did. Just make sure that your runs are complete.

Ninth Jamel Lewis “Cover Me”- 21:03

  • Cece: I enjoyed you thoroughly. A little more energy
  • Donnie: You were good. Make sure you give the whole package.
  • Yolanda: It takes courage. You did a great job.

Tenth and the closer  in line was Yakiima Shepard chose “I Got A Testimony”- Clay Evans

  • Cece:  I think you did a great job.
  • Donnie: Don’t hold back
  • Yolanda: It was great.

Take a look back at Episode 1 Sunday Best Season 6: See Who Made It To The Big Stage

Next  week we will see: Odell Bunton Jr.,Cecilia Minor,Josuiah Drumm,Tasha Lockhart, Lici Lewis, Montrea,Johnathan  Jackson, Tuku Gaye, Terrill Hall, Yakiima Shepard and Kefia Rollerson

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