“The school is doing great. We have 14 seniors. All seniors graduated. 13 of them received scholarships. I think that’s a pretty good ratio. Our test scores was through the roof this year we out-tested all the other DCCSD (Dallas Community Charter School District) schools, it’s phenomenal. I’m happy, we got kids enrolling every day. We had 300 kids in K-5, last year, we had 295 n the 6-12. Still, we broke records in first-year enrollment for charter schools. Our basketball team got up to #2 in the nation and we expect to send 7-10 kids in football this year Division 1.”

Sanders also has a football program for young men, Truth, that is currently in competition around the country.

“These kids can play. We have two teams at each age – 9, 10, 11, 12 we also have Truth in Memphis as well as Atlanta. They’re doing a good job. It’s just exposing the kids and really challenging them just to be better young men as well as young women in cheerleading and expose them to new places, new things and new environments and give them structure.”

As for his current personal life with Edmonds, Sanders has nothing but good things to say about his current girlfriend.

“Me and Tracy gon’ always be good. I mean Campbell’s soup good, I mean Grandma cooking good. I mean sweet ice tea with some barbecue chips good. I told Tracy, I don’t know what she did to me but she put it down. I said, ‘Baby your plan worked. You put it down.’”

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