I wasn’t able to watch the BET Awards show when it aired due to travel, but my Facebook feed kept me informed with all the good, the bad, and the inappropriate. In particular, as I scrolled down the feed, I read the outrage over the low-cut, cleavage-baring dress Meagan Good, an actress and preacher’s wife, wore to present the Best Gospel Artist award.

A couple of days later I saw what all the hoopla was about.

My thoughts: Maybe one day in the distant, more mature future of her faith and marriage she’ll look back and say, “What was I thinking?”

Read: Meagan Good Responds To BET Dress Criticism

It’s happened to all of us at some point in time, hasn’t it? We cringe from embarrassment of old pictures from our younger, carefree years. When someone would criticize us, we labeled them  judgmental hypocrites. Then, in defense of ourselves, we spouted a bunch of independent-following-my-heart jargon.

It’s life and a part of growing up. Right?

However, I do understand some of the critique of Mrs. Good’s apparel choice, but I characterize it more as a you live and learn moment. And actually, whatever agreement Meagan and her husband have come to about appropriate and inappropriate attire, well, that is between them. Their marriage will be made stronger or weaker because of it. I wish them well.

Reflecting on my own marriage, however, I remembered a time when I almost crossed the line. And there is a line.

Getting dressed one morning, my husband, a pastor, asked me if I needed a safety pin: “I have one on my nightstand if you need it.”

That wasn’t really a question; it was more like a strong suggestion.

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