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What will make 2009 more enjoyable than previous years? What will minimize the weakening effect that stress has upon your life this year? I believe that the key to improving the quality of your year is grounded in one thing, trusting God more. Notice I said “more”. That is right, growing in terms of your personal confidence in God who has through Jesus Christ granted us both his presence and his peace. Understand that Trusting God is foundational to a quality life. As persons of faith we believe that only through God can we experience life at its best. God then is the source of the life we desire and the grantor of what is needed to produce that life.

Note that as we trust God more, God becomes the indispensable piece to the puzzle of our existence. Trusting God removes the guesswork connected to our need to know and understand all things. It accomplishes this because through trust we let go of our need to control through knowledge. Through our trust and confidence in God we say confidently, “God I know you control all things so I let go and I follow you today”. Read Psalm 131

Trusting God then is paramount to a better year because:

1. It lessens the stress that results from not knowing “what’s next”.

2. It transfers the weight that comes from life to God and causes us to seek him in all things.

3. It causes us to value God more thus placing in perspective where and what we are facing at the moment.

So the key question is how do we increase our trust in God? Simple. Through an increased commitment to, and passion for Jesus Christ. This is accomplished as we read and pray with greater fervency. Please understand that the simplicity of this is what makes it doable. Desiring a closer relationship with God can only be achieved as you connect to him through a deeper devotional life. The Word of God must become essential to each day and a passion for you.

Know God has so much more for you and that trusting God will cause of you to have a much better year. So work at trust and watch God do amazing things with and through you. A better year is yours to have, so have it!!!

Read Proverbs 3:5-10