061913-shows-bmj-screenshots-season-1-gabrielle-union-newsroomEvery so often a tv show comes along that hits it on the nail. Scandal is one. Now comes ‘Being MaryJane’. Finally, there is a television show that gives light to many African American professionals.

Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle  Union)is a one-woman show: a successful TV news anchor and an entirely self-sufficient powerhouse who remains devoted to a family that doesn’t share her motivation. Intense drama and unforgettable moments unfold as Mary Jane juggles her life, her relationships, her work and commitments to her family.

Meet Mary Jane

Here  are the 5 reasons  that you must watch this show.

#5 Mary Jane is a smart college educated professional with a clear career path. She does not cower from fighting for  a good story. She sees  her end goal and knows that she is only as good as her team. She greets each one by name. She knew exactly how to handle her producer Kara and understood and trusted  her to look out for her.  Later we saw Kara viewing the footage and the wheels turning on how she could get Mary Jane her story. How many us have stood ready to go fight, when a cool rational voice reminded us that we can live to fight another day if we approach it differently?

#4 A man can really love a woman. It was refreshing to see her father, played by Richard Roundtree, express real dedicated love. This hit home for me as my father watched my mother grow ill and loved her with all his being until she died. He wanted so much to alleviate her struggle to breathe. Black couples do stay  together.They do have meaningful relationships. Black fathers do want  the best for their children.

#3 Sibling relationships are trying when you become adults. Siblings can try your nerves, but they are still your siblings. Last night’s scene has played out for many of us.  Lending money, wayward nieces and nephews and surly in-laws are all part of the juggling act. Yes, it gets crazy.

#2 Vengeful acts don’t v always turn out the way  you envisioned. Mary Jane’s strong admission to her lover’s wife was courageous, but unfulfilled. What she really wanted was for the wife to say, “Here take him!” It didn’t play out like that. When his wife replied, “What exactly do you want me to do with that?” The viewer was floored! Later, we saw the good girl do something that stretched your imagination. You will never see baking powder the same.

And Drum Roll Please……

#1  We are not invisible. It is time we see a woman who actually plays out what many of us single professionals go through in our personal and private lives. It shows what the “good girl” has to deal with. Taking care of mom. Supporting brother. Hoping and praying for someone to love you the way you want to be loved.  It is something most of us think  about every day. When we left college we never dreamed that we would be this far down the road and alone.

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