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ANDALÉ (pronounced un-da-lay), a.k.a. Trey Williams, is a multi-talented rapper/actor/speaker/father/husband from Nashville, TN. ANDALÉ is one of the fastest and most distinctive rappers in Christian Hip-Hop. His unparalleled delivery and lyrical dexterity has astounded audiences for years and elicits a multitude of emotions; from amazement to laughter, and from conviction to inspiration. ANDALÉ is a master of his craft, and there is no doubt that he has been gifted by God to minister to the “churched” and the “unchurched”. Few have ever heard so much passion, anointing and versatility in one man’s poetic rhyme and dynamic delivery.

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This year marks the year that ANDALÉ will step out from behind the shadows and become firmly planted into the consciousness of the music industry at large. With a new passion, a new sound, and new management, ANDALÉ is poised to take his message and his ministry to a new level. The appropriately titled “Higher” is the first single from his highly anticipated, game-changing project SMOKE & MIRRORS slated for a fall 2013 release. “Higher” is a universal call to all people that it is time to reach beyond mediocrity, beyond superficiality, beyond mistakes of the past, and move to a higher level of holiness, strength, and success through the power of God. “Higher” will be available on iTunes July 23.

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