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Although I missed last night’s BET Awards, I did check in to Facebook to see what people were saying about the show, and I managed to see a picture above of Meagan Good on the red carpet.

In my opinion, she looked absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t help but think her husband Devon Franklin is one of the luckiest men on Earth.

But, right after that thought, I scrolled down to see the comments people left under the picture and it was a full-out religious battle that would have made Palestinians and Israelis say, “Hey! Y’all need to chill!”

The issue was simply this: Should the “saved” wife of a preacher dress that sexy at a public event?

Some felt Meagan’s outfit was far too revealing, to the point that we could tell it was a little cold outside because her nipples looked like they were jumping for a rebound.

Others said her outfit was perfectly fine, and that everyone who was speaking against her were being far too judgmental, if not hypocritical as well.

To be honest, as a casual observer I could definitely see the validity in both arguments.

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