44 Oscar Nominated Films You Must See Before You Die

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    videoThere are vast numbers of books, DVDs and seminars on what it takes to write the next blockbuster. Of course a lot of them are written or given by people with no real background in writing or selling screenplays.

    Granted, we all don’t even agree on what makes a great movie.

    Great directors have great visions.  They wear many hats. They possess great vision, creativity and ability to see the bigger picture.  They can organize a large group of people and overcome obstacles.  Films need someone with leadership skills but also the ability to talk to people on a professional or even friendly level. Most of all, they need a good story that can span the test of time.

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    That means a tight story, well paced with characters we can root for (and against) in a setting or settings that advance the story and the plot at every turn. I won’t bore you with the details of each pf these movies because I want you to see them.

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