Bishop Larry Trotter’s Daughter Javon Defends Grandfather & Daughter Bath Picture

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    Trotter recently shut down his Instagram and Facebook pages after receiving a plethora of negative messages stemming from the photograph of he and his granddaughter in a tub. The bishop recently spoke to the “John Hannah Morning Show” on iHeart Radio where he explained the photograph that had people in an uproar.

    “Javon took a picture, who is her mother, and one of my family members who has access to my Instagram and Facebook put it out there and I said ‘that’s paw paw’s first lady’. So it was a totally innocent thing. I know some people never bathe with their kids, I’ve bathed with all of mine. When I was coming up, we shared bath water, I’m not ashamed of what I did, I am ashamed and hurt that it has gone out across the world and people have called me everything from a child molester to a pedophile to a nasty old man and that I should get out of the ministry… the vulgarities have just been terrible,”

    This has been a busy week! It should  be noted that has refused to post the picture.

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