Finally! Married Women Your S.O.S. Has Been Heard!

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    black-married-coupleWomen worldwide are gathering online this Valentine’s Day to invest in their marriages by participating in the “Wife S.O.S.” program. “S.O.S.” stands for “Save Our Ship,” and the event will do just that for thousands of marriages on the afternoon of Thursday, February 14, 2013.

    This free online event is an all afternoon Marriage Training Extravaganza, featuring inspirational pieces, practical how-tos, relationship coaching, worship music, and live interactive Twitter and Facebook Valentine’s Day parties.

    The goal is to empower, equip, and energize wives to profoundly and positively impact their marriages for good this year, giving not a tangible gift, but the gift of themselves.

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    Event hostess Marnie Swedberg says, “statistics show that two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women, and according to a New Woman’s Day and AOL Living poll, 75% of women surveyed have considered leaving their husbands at some point. There is no greater gift a wife can give to her husband or herself this Valentine’s Day than her determined, intentional, proactive commitment to making their marriage the best mutual gift it can be.”

    In the United States, over 50% of first marriages, 67% of second marriages, and nearly 74% of third marriages end in divorce. In addition, the economy has caused financial strain in many homes and CNN reports that these financial pressures are the biggest stresses on marriages in the past sixty years.

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