Elev8tion With Essence Atkins: “I Wanted A Life Partner.” [EXCLUSIVE]

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    Essence Atkins: When you have certain things understood than you work at it. Divorce is not on the table. Leaving is not on the table. When you live with someone there is always an “option.” You can pick up and leave. When you are married you work at it. You face whatever it is down.

    What’s your best professional and or life advice?

    Essence Atkins: Get out of your own way!  (Laughs) There are many new fresh avenues open to actors now. If  you construct in your mind that you will be successful, than you will be successful.  You can be . That’s all you will be. You  have to set the time to to set the path.

    What wise words. If we all set the time to set the path, we would all be successful.

    Her latest movie, A Haunted House, sends up the Paranormal Activity franchise and creates a comedic caricature of the scariest flicks of our generation. The film, being released today (01/11/2013), She will appear in  upcoming movie  “Act Like You love Me”  and is a regular on Mr Box office.

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