10 Questions To Inspire Better Self-Knowledge

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    african_american_woman_looking_upOnce you have a better understanding of yourself through all your diligent work reading and gathering information, talking about your problems with others, expressing yourself in your journal, writing about your insights, goals, dreams, values, etc., it is time to act on your new awareness.

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    Are you aware it is important to know your true self, that is, as opposed to how you have been conditioned by society, parents, the roles and mores of the time when you grew up?

    1. Who is the most important person in your life? Explain why.

    2. What do you most look forward to achieving in your life?

    3. Think back to the most angry you’ve ever been. Who caused that anger and how?

    4. Think back to the most loved you’ve ever felt. Who made you feel that way and how?

    5. How do you feel in yourself – physically, emotionally and mentally?

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