How To Survive The End Of The World According To The Movie “2012″

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    Have an Asian friend

    There may not have been Asian’s in the Bible, but leave it up to America to use them for their industrial glory to build an Arc to save the rest of the world and not invite them aboard ship. As we’ve learned from John (Cusack), Asian people won’t leave you behind in a crisis! They have a heart even when Americans don’t!

    Bring plenty of money…like a billions dollars (Joseline Hernandez voice)

    OK, it sounds like a lot of money but when your down in Brooklyn, picking up your plane, trade in your Rolex, flash a Pacquiao sleeping meme then rub your belly and Trinidad James will appear. Snatch his gold necklaces and head straight to the pawn shop. You’ll probably be short $999,999,089 but it’s downtown you can haggle them down! No biggie.

    Bring a monkey wrench

    In the final scenes of “2012″ the last arc, holding all of the important people, couldn’t be started because there was something causing the gear, which controlled the main door onto the ship, to stall. Hmm. Good thing you brought a handy-dandy wrench. Now all you have to do is waddle your way into the crevices of moving steel that probably weights more pounds than are measurable, fiddle with the jack hammer that is causing the problem, not get crushed after you’ve fixed the problem and save the day.

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