Mary Mary Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Lesson: “Road Test”

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    Erica comes in her room and begins to complain of a headache. She is unsure as to what is going on. The headache has been around too long. Tina comments that, “what is going on…” Trevia comes in and tells them that they do not have a sound check. Both sisters agree that this is unacceptable they mull over the possibilities. Meanwhile Goo Goo is suffering being over scheduled. Alana’s wedding is just about at wits end.

    Once the details get ironed out the ladies go on to blow the audience away. Can the ladies survive the trials and tribulations of new infants, new album and possible solo career? We will have to see!

    Tonight’s lesson from the ladies is that no matter how hard it gets, you must keep going. You may experience bumps and detours but, you have to get back on that road. We are all human with human needs and desires. It is how we handle the matter at hand that really matters. You can either choose to give up, or think your way out of it. Everyone had to come up with alternate ways to handle things.

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