Mary Mary Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Lesson: “Road Test”

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    Mary MaryErica and Tina start the episode off with a bang. It’s promotional tour time for ‘Go Get It. Mitch has a list. Erica is on her feet having just had Zaya. Tina is 6 months pregnant contemplating, “Just what did I get myself into.” In the background their baby sister is getting married.

    Goo Go and Mitch lock heads over the promotion tour styling. The battle gets heated but finally the truth meets the test. Mitch and Goo Goo agree that Goo Goo will copy Mitch and together they will get in sync on Mary Mary clothing needs.

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    Unfortunately, a little later the ladies have to struggle with sound checks that aren’t happening. In Kansas City, it was so bad that Tina stops the show and firmly instructs the sound team that they have to, “start over.. it ain’t right.” After the show ends Tina calls home and finds that Teddy has taken the kids to the zoo without her. After admitting that she is normal she breaks down and cries while talking to Mila.

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