3 Reasons We Need Big Bird & His Friends At PBS

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    Mitt Romeney kills big birdPBS is the last bastion of culture that is not commercialized, pop cultured trash.

    -PBS reaches nearly 73 million people each week through on-air and online content. They do so without using commercial dollars to infuse or sell children or adults product.  It is still a channel of high standards that educates, informs and enlightens.

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    There are still many people in our country who do not have cable and would lose the opportunity to see thorough news reports and children’s programming.

    -PBS pioneered arts & entertainment on television; now we have a dedicated A&E cable channel and a couple of others like it. It is the last vestige  that allows you to see concerts of stars  in past days. The music specials that focus on music from days gone and present times by are stellar. Not all of us are 17 and  chomping at the bit for the next Nicki Minaj video. In addition, the quality of the scripted dramas such as  “Call The Midwife” raises the bar for  the arts.

    – PBS helped animal documentaries gain a foothold on television; now there’s an entire cable channel for animals. NOVA, a leading show still draws millions to view the wonders of the world.

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