Why Do You Want To Be Called A Perfect B****?

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    You can talk to me about reclaiming words until you’re blue in the face and I still don’t buy it.

    Bitch is not a compliment. On the street, in music and in the boardroom, it’s the word that won’t go away.

    According to the dictionary this is the definition of the word:

    bitch  (bch) n.

    1. A female canine animal, especially a dog. 2.  a. A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.   b. A lewd woman.     c. A man considered to be weak or contemptible. 3. Slang A complaint. 4. Slang Something very unpleasant or difficult. To complain; grumble. To botch; bungle. Often used with up.

    Do you see anything positive in the above definition?

    Kanye West, a successful African American entertainer tweeted to the world:

    “Perfect Bitch” will be featured on Kanye West’s upcoming Cruel Summer album. Kim Kardashian thought it was great. According to TMZ she is telling friends, “The song talks about how he was with so many other girls but could never find the right one until he met me.” This is something to be proud of? C’mon KIM! How about teaching people respect instead? How about not demeaning your fellow women by using offensive terms “to empower them”?  I do not find it empowering to be called or to call someone else “bitch”. I find it offensive. I don’t think I should have to call myself “bitch” before someone else does so I can say, “I reclaimed it.” Embracing the label reinforces its use and makes it acceptable and that’s not okay. It allows people to be comfortable with calling me a name that implies a negative connotation.

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