An Open Letter To Black Women

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    Reality television, movies and music videos have all crossed the line. Yes I have heard “But it’s just a movie, you’re not supposed to take it so seriously!” line and variations thereof. If you think that a piece of media such as a movie, TV show, book, or song is merely entertainment and ingest said media without giving any thought to how it influences or shapes you or the culture you exist in, you are foolish. This morning I spent the better part of 20 minutes arguing the pillaging of classic novels to make them salacious. It’s disgusting. Yes, I know every generation complains about the younger generation. Is this the justification for horrid behavior? With that being said please read the open letter from the Huffington Post.- Oretha Winston Lead Editor

    Dear Black Women:

    First, let me say, I am not specifically writing to you because I feel that you need to be saved or because you are any worse off than other women. I am simply writing to you because I am you. I identify with Black women, because I too am a Black woman. Therefore, I am much more comfortable talking openly to and about my collective self. Still, if this open letter helps the masses, great! I am all for it….

    Now, last night I watched my regular dose of “Reality” TV. While I know that most reality shows are scripted, those scripts are often influenced by a bigger truth that needs a conversation. And man, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta showcased some real winners last night! Black women, what happened to us? We have gone from mothers of this earth; strong and proud backbones of our men, to ignorant, groupie, door mats! We are better than this!

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