Did You Know Tisha Campbell Suffers From Same Disease That Killed Bernie Mac?

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    Tisha Campbell is proof that you can have a disease and it not  have it define you.

    While it isn’t nearly as recognizable as its cancerous kin, the lung disease sarcoidosis has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, a new study has found.

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    In fact, researchers from the Department of Radiology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine say that rates of the disease — which causes tiny clumps of abnormal tissue (granulomas) to form in certain organs of the body, resulting in inflammation in the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, skin, or other tissues — have more than doubled in the 15 years leading up to their study.

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    Examining medical records of 1.48 million patients in Franklin County, Ohio, a demographic profile that they say is nearly identical to that of the U.S., the study authors found that the prevalence of sarcoidosis increased steadily from 164 in 100,000 in 1995 to 330 in 100,000 in 2010. Their findings were published this month in the journal Respiratory Medicine.

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