Gospel Artist To Watch: Dayna Caddell

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    Dayna Caddell is releasing the single “Crazy” from her forthcoming album “Overjoyed,”. She intends to give new meaning and  power to the word crazy.

     cra·zy/ˈkrāzē/zealous, infatuated, enamored, enthusiastic, passionate.

    The bible says, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ “My interpretation of that is to be enthusiastic, which in turn is synonymous of crazy! A modern day expression of enthusiastic love is to profess being crazy in love.  My love for Jesus is on that level.”

    The chorus explains it all – No I ain’t crazy for loving Him/Crazy in love maybe/Crazy with joy yuh see/That’s how His love makes me/Feel I can clap my hands/Might wanna stomp my feet/So glad He’s lovin’ me/Loving me crazy.

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    “God has definitely brought me a long way from being hit by a drunk driver, to walking with a cane for years, and continuing to cope with chronic back pain,” said Caddell.  “God is good and he’s now allowing me to spread his word full speed ahead.”

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    Co-produced by Forty Entertainment producer Vann Clayton (an emerging producer under the tutelage of Warryn Campbell) and Warryn Campbell, “Crazy” is the second single from Caddell’s forthcoming CD Overjoyed, scheduled to release in the Summer of 2012. Caddell is a product of rock, hip-hop, soul, R&B, jazz and gospel, and “Crazy” is just a piece of what she’s made of.

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