Why We Should Have Known Bishop Eddie Long Was Living A Lie

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    Bishop Eddie Long after allegationsNow that Bishop Eddie Long has stepped down from his position as Senior Pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and his wife Vanessa is moving forward with divorcing him, it’s easy to see how he was living a lie. Eddie Long’s personal and professional life have come crumbling down, and it’s too bad that he was able to deceive so many for so long.

    Here are some of the signs that Bishop Eddie Long has been living a lie.

    Bishop Eddie Long Steps Down After His Wife Vanessa Files For Divorce

    Stay Away From The Gay
    Like Pastor Ted Haggard, Bishop Eddie Long was a church leader who was extremely vocal against homosexuality. In December of 2004, Bishop Long marched in an anti-gay marriage protest that was coordinated by him and New Birth. How can a man who engages in sexual activities with males, be so opposed to gays getting married?

    What? Bishop Eddie Long Tells His Congregation To Give More! [VIDEO]

    Ted Haggard was eventually disgraced and forced to step down when it was revealed that he had engaged in homosexual activity with a male prostitute on several occasions. He now claims to be a “complete heterosexual” after receiving restoration training. Since New Birth offers that same type of service to its members, it will be interesting to see if Bishop Long does the same as Haggard.

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