Govern Your Spending With Our 5 Budgeting Tips (VIDEO)

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    The purpose of this budget is to come up with a system to govern everyday spending. If nothing else, remember this one simple budgeting rule: Spend less money than you make. We are all in tight budget times.

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    The best thing about it is that when you learn the key you can master all the ins and outs of the budget.

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    Step 1: Take a snapshot of your spending
    Every budget starts with sniffing out your spending habits and determining exactly where your money goes on a day-to-day basis. Don’t skip this step: After all, if you don’t know how much you’re spending and on what right now, you can’t decide where you want to spend and on what from now on.

    Step 2: Plan your next shopping spree
    After you get over the horror of your daily spending, the next step is to go on a virtual shopping spree. Sorry, this trip doesn’t involve a pit stop at the food court; it’s more like a cerebral trip to the mall of your future.

    • Grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and a snack.
    • Make a list of what you need to buy or do over the next three to six months. These could be physical purchases (like new tires for the car, airfare for the family vacation) or financial plans (such as paying off a credit card, maxing out this year’s IRA or adding to your emergency fund).
    • Do the same for planned long-term (one to five years) purchases.

    Step 3: Do some simple division
    With your money goals in hand, pencil in how much each item on your “wish list” is going to run you on a monthly basis. Simply divide the total amount for those new tires by the number of months until you need them.

    Step 4: Set up a no-brainer savings system
    With your targeted spending plan in place, it’s time to direct your money towards your goals. If, in the past, you’ve been derailed by daily expenditures or surprise “can’t-live-without” purchases (ahem), here’s an instant fix: Hide your money from yourself.

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