5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For A Stress-Free Vacation

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    woman on the beachIt can be easy to get caught up in the stress of every day life, even in the summer. Maybe your family is driving you crazy or your work is strenuous, even during the warm months. It can be hard to anticipate a vacation when you still have so much on your plate, even if the vacation has been in the works for months! How do you transition from a stress-inducing life to lying by the pool, relaxing in the sun, and putting everything on hold? It’s difficult to get into the right mindset, but you can prepare yourself for fun in the sun if you know a few simple steps:

    1. Put your stressful thoughts to rest. If you’re constantly worrying about stuff that’s going on in your life, where’s there time for you to be excited about your upcoming break? Nothing is too stressful that you can’t put it away for a short vacation. It’s important to remember that sometimes, space is all you need to reassure yourself that any worrying is in vain. By being able to reorganize your thoughts and see your vacation as a welcome break from your every day life, then you can relax and enjoy your time off effectively!

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    2. Start making a mental list of all the relaxing things you’ll soon be doing. What does your vacation entail that will make it a good catharsis for you? Will you be biking down a beach or drinking cocktails by the pool? Perhaps all you’re planning on is getting a good tan and finishing a favorite book. Whatever relaxing moments are on your agenda, it’s good to remind yourself about them a week in advance in order to prepare your mind for the good times that are coming! It can be hard to get into “vacation-mode” when you’re still very busy on the home-front, but starting to get yourself to a relaxing place while under stress is a great way to prepare yourself for a break in your routine!

    3. Prepare your living space for your departure. It might sound silly to clean your house while you’re packing up for a vacation, but if you leave your house in disarray, you’ll only be more stressed when you get home! Make sure to clean up after yourself as you’re packing up your clothes and vacation-related items (ie. don’t leave clothes on the floor), as well as make sure the garbage and recycling are done before you leave. If everything’s spotless when you leave, then you’ll have less of a reason to worry about things when you return!

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