Home For The Holidays: Marissa Alexander Released On Bail!

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    Marissa Alexander

    Around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, Marissa Alexander was granted a pretrial release with special conditions, according to the Duval County Clerk of Court.

    First Coast News reports the conditions of Alexander’s release below:

    • Remain under the supervision of the pretrial services program at all times

    • Subject to electronic monitoring through the CTC at all times

    • Remain on home detention until completion of her case and will be allowed to leave her residence except for court appearances, medical emergencies and to satisfy any requirements of PSP or the CTC

    • Report all required court appearances and all required appointments with he PSP or its designated service provider

    • Alexander cannot change her residence without prior notice and approval by the PSP or its designated service provider

    • Cannot have contact with, nor communicate by any means with Rico Gray, Sr., Pernell Gray and Rico Gray, Jr.

    • Alexander shall abide by all court orders in the divorce proceedings involving Rico Gray, Sr., including all orders that pertain to child custody, exchange of child custody for visitation shall be facilitated by a third party

    • Alexander shall not possess any firearms, nor shall there be any firearms in her residence at any time during her pretrial release

    • Shall not consume any alcoholic beverage or drug not prescribed by a physician

    • Must abide by all rules and regulations for the PSP and the CTC including random drug testing

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