Wife Takes Back Hubby After He Posts ‘I’m A Cheater’ Pic On Facebook

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    man posts I am a cheater pic on facebook page

    With nearly 15,000 Facebook followers rooting for him, a cheating husband was able to earn back the trust of his estranged wife, after he posted a photo of himself holding a note admitting to his infidelity on his personal Facebook page.

    “With him doing that, it really showed me that he loved me and it really didn’t matter who else was in his life,” Sonya Gore told NewsOne in a phone interview Wednesday night. “It showed that he loved me, and he put it all out there. It kind of touched me.”

    As originally reported by NewsOne, Ivan Lewis was at his estranged wife’s home several weeks ago pleading with her to take him back, after she discovered that he had been cheating during the first 10 months of their marriage that began back in 2010. Gore kicked him out of her home soon after and he had been trying to get her back ever since.

    But late September, Gore, 40, told Lewis that if he really loved her he would post a message admitting to the world that he did her wrong. And while Lewis had taken Gore out to eat and to the movies, neither seemed to make his hurting wife budge. So when she wrote out a hand-written note that read, “I cheated on my wife!!! (and she was ugly),” and asked Lewis to post it, he did so without hesitation.

    ivan lewis

    “I was doing it to get my wife back,” Lewis, 33, told NewsOne over the phone with his wife sitting nearby. “I’ll do whatever.”

    He added to the status, “Sonya Gore said I got to get 10,000 (Likes) before she takes me back.”

    (Gore told NewsOne that the 10,000 Like threshold was Lewis’ idea, not hers.)

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